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Each Siberian huskies owner should know that these dogs are born to run. It is programmed in their genes. Sibes were bred for to pull the medium weight of loads over long distances. They are extremely strong, vigorous and hardy, tireless dogs. Everyone owning Siberian husky should be prepared to meet the needs of their nature.

„Owning Siberian husky - shows should be a hobby
and Sled - religion“

This golden phrase said Michael Jennings when we met during his vaccations in Lithuania.
He is Siberian huskies breeder, judge and writter from USA.

We walk our dogs only on leads and let them run free only in fenced, safe area. In order to obtain sufficient exercise and feel happy, our sibes are many trained. All our family has fun in sled/race with our dogs. My brother Renaldas and my daughter Monika participate in race competitions. We attach very great importance to training schedules and load distribution to each individual dog. We have begun to sport from a few hundred meters from the bike and one dog. Some time later - with scooter and two dogs. Currently we drive with four, six dogs and the tricycle or a sleigh, driving a few kilometers. We are proud members of sport with dogs club "Fluidus".

To take part in Race competitions for our dogs are like a gift. They are absolutely happy to meet many new dogs here, to take up a new one full of unfamiliar smells track and to compete. Maybe it sounds strangely but they compete with each other, feel the competition and also they try to catch up and overtake others. Participation in the competition for them is a great joy. Adrenaline smell in the air causes them to tone, of their behavior can be seen, how they are happy in what they do. Race is like a holiday for both – us and dogs. It’s very good for dogs and us to to try ourselves in the biger competition and to meet new people. Experience and lessons are great asset in this sport. But the greatest gift for us is to see big smiles in our sibes faces! There is a very known expression that “happy Siberian husky is when he is tired”. Activities with dogs, the time allowed in nature together, share our daily life in the infinite, full of adventure, laughter, feelings of extreme happiness and a journey…

We would like to invite you to visit our RACE GALLERY.

Some of the results of the competition where we participated in:

Baltic Cup'09 - III event at Estonia - SC2 class, III place;

Baltic Cup'09 - V event at Lithuania - SC2 class, II place;

Christmas cup'09 at Lithuania - SC2 Nordic Class, I place.

Baltic Cup'10 - I event at Lithuania - DR4 Nordic class, III place;

Sniegena'10 at Lithuania - SP4 Nordic class, III place.

Baltic Cup'11 - I event at Lithuania - DR4 Nordic class, II place;

Baltic Cup'11 - III event at Estonia - DR4 Open class III place & Nordic class II place;

Baltic Cup'11 - V event at Latvia - DR4 Nordic class III place & 2011 Baltic Cup WINNER.

Kaunas District Mayor Cup'12 - international sled dog race LT - DR4 Nordic class II place;

Kaunas District Mayor Cup'12 - international sled dog race LT - Canicross IV place;

Baltic Cup Dryland'12 - final event at Lithuania - SC2 Nordic class finished.

Baltic Winter Cup'13, Latvian Winter Championship'13 - SP4 open class II place.

International dogs race Kaunas District Mayor Cup'14 - my 16 years daughter Monica in adult class - DR4 Nordic won SILVER MEDAL!!!



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